Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am part of What Smells So Good and had participated in the 750 Fan Games!

It was super fun!! I actually won something!  Woohoo!!

It was a sampler box from Buggytown Candles, which I had never tried before!! So, of course, I was super ready and excited to try!

My mailman took a few detours and brought this beautiful box back to the Post Office a few times.  Luckily, I got it redelivered!!!

Here's what I found! <3

I wasn't expecting NNNEEAARRR as many tarts as there was!! I was expecting 10-12 tarts... There was probably 30! Sooo good!! 

First of all, the packaging was outstanding!! It was so cute!! From when I opened the box, the first picture was what I saw!  I LOVE the gingham packaging!! So cozy/cute!

Then I pulled it off to find another tissue paper with "It's a Soy!"  Hahaha I thought it was so cute!!

Then came the scent shots!!! A few of the lids had come off during transit, but they didn't go far, so it was easy to pick which ones went to which!  

They are ALL soy, so I have to let them cure, going to try for 2-3 weeks!

Favorites include Almost Paradise, Fierce, Lime in da Coconut, Amish Country, and Vanilla Cinnamon!! 

My Melting Diary:

HHS Pink Cotton Headed Ninny- This one is really nice!  It is light, but it is a really nice bedroom scent, especially if you don't want super strong while you are sleeping!
HHS Pink Lemonade- This one has such a nice smell to it!  The most realistic Pink Lemonade I think I've had in a long time!  You could almost drink this if it were edible!! Not too sugary, not too sour, perfect!
HHS Strawberry Divine Cake- I melted this with the Pink Lemonade, so I got a really nice Pink STRAWBerry Cake Lemonade! I'd recommend this little blend!! Very nice!
Butterfly Lane- Almost Paradise/Pina Colada- This one smells fantastic! Very good!! And strong!  I have smelled Almost Paradise by itself too; I need something with that scent in wax form!
K's Kreations Southern Sunshine- Such a great nice citrus scent!! 
Rosegirl's Lions, Tigers, and Bears- This one smells better than I originally thought!  Pretty good! 
HHS Toasted Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies- I think I like the Granma's one a little bit more, but think about, Granma's TOASTED Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies!!  I am planning on getting some Toasted Marshmallow in brittle, so it's possible!  
Streetman's Orange You Glad- Such a nice orange scent!! It's a straight orange which I'd recommend blending!  Very strong and nice!
HHS Pink Chiffon- This is rapidly becoming a favorite!! Bath and Body Works's version is strong on the licorice note, but this one is not.  It's soft but strong!  Very VERY great!!! :D
Rosegirl's Marshmallow Smoothie/Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum- I need more of this!! Barry says it smells like an expensive, not so sweet but sweet frosting!  Yummmmmm!!!

Alright!! No orders just yet!! I know I will plan one for K's Kreations!! What are you all thinking about getting from K's when she reopens?? I know, I KNOW I want Sea Island Strawberries, Wild Pacific Cookie Bread, and Vanilla Butter Fudge!! And hopefully TONS of cookie bread blends!! yumm!!


  1. What a great prize! Congrats on your winnings!!
    I'm very impressed with their packaging. Looking forward to your melt reviews.
    Heading over to K's website now to plot an order :)

    1. Thank you Obsessed!! Like I said, I did not imagine to receive so much!! Was so pleasantly PLEASED! :D Definitely will be melting some! Even the cologne ones were great!! Bombshell is another nice scent too!!

      You are the first to know, but I am having a online party with K's starting July 21st, when she is plotting on opening back up!! I'll be posting details on the group when it gets a little closer!! Keep me in mind!! She has some awesome scents!! :D Cookie Bread blends... omg yummm!! <3

    2. Good to know! I will definitely look for those posts!

  2. How awesome! Still a vendor I haven't tried yet, I'll have to add them to my list!

    1. Yes definitely!! The scents I listed above are fantastic cold!! Tropical Sunrise, Cucumber Melon, Bombshell are a few others that I found I really liked as well!! Enjoy Dana!