Saturday, July 20, 2013

Haley's Heavenly Scents!

I got my "I <3 Trish" order!!!

I'm getting my sampler separate so more to look forward to!!

I am LOVING LOVING the bark/brittle!! I am going to try some out today!

My I <3 Trish order!! I'm inlove!

I got bags in Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookie Bread, Pink Noel, and Pink Fluffy Toasted Marshmallow!!  I got scallops in Granma's Fluffy Pink Toasted Blackberry Jam Cookies, Pink Serendipity and Granma's Toasted Cinnamon Noel!!
I got Prim Words in Girl's Night Out and Raspberry Zinger!!!

My freebie cup was in Lemon Drop Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread!!

So my deal with Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread, I had bought a few blends in cups in my last order I'd received.  I hated it before, tried it from another vendor and it was TERRIBLE!  So I tried Lemon Drop Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread and Granma's Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread, both from Haley's, and they're fantastic!! I don't know if it's just a different oil, but it's amazing!! 

I have my 4th of July order from HHS, the only order I'm waiting on! It's going to be an amazing order!!

Next order from HHS: I'm planning on maybe bark in Toasted Marshmallow.  I'm debating between another bag in Pink Chiffon OR Pink Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.  I can't decide.  I may end up getting both! 

Anyone tried any new-to-them scents from Haley's I should try? Let me know below!


  1. You are mkaing me wanna try the brittle! Great haul! I have gone Haley's crazy. I have THREE orders with them I am waiting on!! And I must say you have inspired most of these scents. Pink Vanilla SCDB, Pink Chiffon, Granmas blends. New to me blends that I have loved Granmas Hot Apple Pie Noel, Pound Cake, Granmas Toasted Caramel, Lemon Noel, Serendipity Noel. They have all been fab! Can't wait to see your 4th of July haul!

  2. Hey UFGator!!

    It's fantastic!! I still have some going this morning from yesterday!! It's great!! <3
    Haha HHS has SO many great scents! I'm waiting on my third order... I want to make three more... I'm sick hahahaha!!
    I have Granma's Hot Apple Pie Noel, have to melt it so I can have some ready for fall!! It smells so good!! I love Poundcake too! Thinking about a Blueberry Poundcake or something like that to order! I need to try a HHS Granma's Caramel. I've been finding so many scents lately that I haven't liked before, but liked now.

    Let me know what you order when you order!! I'm hoping to order sometime next week!! :D

  3. Love that brittle, your choices were good ones!! Have you tried lime in da pink coconut?? LOVE that scent, it's so good.

    1. Lol No I haven't! But I'm going to try that one soon!! It's on my list to get! I haven't been too inlove with lime lately, but with Granma's Key Lime Pie coming, I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone, ESPECIALLY since I can get my super favorites in brittle and get a stash! <3