Friday, June 28, 2013

I mean it this time...

I am officially done ordering for summer tomorrow.  I have a $50 giftcard from BSF that I haven't used yet but will use tomorrow for the reopening.  Thinking three regular loaves and a $8 sampler.  Sounds GOOD to me! :D

My loaves: Candy Bouquet+Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Pink Serendipity Cake Batter Ice Cream
Lavender Vanilla/Toasted Marshmallow/VBN/Pink Sugar/Sugar Cookie Dough Bread

But that's it!! Just waiting for my HHS orders and that.  And then I'll order from K's Kreations (July 22nd), LCP (August 15th) and Streetman's (August 2nd) when they reopen!  I LOVE Streetman's chunky monkeys!! I had NO idea how big they were!! Awesome!! <3

I meant to mention that I have gotten my Shayz order but have been too lazy to take a picture.  I got six packs in Pink Flip Floppers, Pink Serendipity, Pink Zucchini Bread, Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar, and Pink Toastie Marshmallows!

In the cups I got: Pink Bubblicious, Pink Beans, Zucchini Marshmallow, Pink Raspberry Macaroon, Pink Amish Bread, Sunny Buns, Wildberry ZB Mousse, Pink Tea & Ginger, and Blueberry ZB!

The only one that I know I don't like is Pink Beans. I'm just not a brulee/creme brulee scent person.  I wish... because it sounds so decadent.  But it smells burnt to me... eck! But everything else smells great!!

Melting Diary:
Streetman's Lemon/Pink Sugar/VBN: I'm not a lemon fan, but this was a nice blend!! This came to me in a swap/destash from Tori and this makes me want to order from Streetmans! I love the chunky monkeys!! Yum!
HHS Pink Sugar- Obvious love
HHS Pink Noel- Obvious obvious Love!
HHS Granma's Serendipity- ummm yeah order this... amazing!
HHS Strawberry Waffle Cone- This one is really good!! I need to order more waffle cone blends... I don't know why I forgot about them!!
Long Cane Primitives: Pineapple Orchid- I do really like this one.. I can't believe I'm saying this: but I'm falling out of love for Pineapple Orchid. But this was a nice PO for those who love it!
K's Kreations Pistachio Pudding- This one is just so nice!! The pistachio in it is lovely!!
Sugar and Spice Frosted Zucchini Noel- I wasn't sure cold sniff if I was going to like it... but I'm inlove, yet again.  lol
HHS Pink Blueberry Satsuma- This one is very nice!! Strong! Good!! I've been loving Satsuma lately!
Ava's Country Cupboard VBN- It smelled good cold, it smelled a little funny melting.  Just my opinion. I've loved the others that I got from Ava's though!! Me and VBN sometimes don't have a good relationship... lol
HHS Vanilla Delicious- I expected this one to have a chocolate undertone.  But nope.  It was just pure Vanilla, Vanilla Deliciousness! lol True to the name!!

That's it, I am pretty sure!! Such yummy things!! Can't wait! Just have to be good unti July 22nd.  It's about a month away! I can do it! I can do it! lol

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