Sunday, June 23, 2013

Made a Little Slip of the Hand, and WHOOPS! Made a HHS Order!

OK So I was bad: I made another Haley's Heavenly Scents order.  New products + giveaways= I can't resist when I have money.  It's inevitable!

Here's what I got!

Tart Brittle: Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookie Bread
Tart Brittle: Pink Noel
Tart Brittle: Fluffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow
Six Pack Scallops: Pink Serendipity
Prim Words: Girl's Night Out
Prim Words: Raspberry Zinger

Then my free packs were Granma's Toasted Marshmallow Zucchini Bread + Cinnamon Noel and Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies + Fluffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow.

And of course, I used I <3 Trish to get six cups of her favorites!

This is not counting the $75 order that I may 6/14.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! Can't WAIT!!!!!!

Also bought a destash from Tori!!  All sorts of stuff!! <3 Great stuff!! I melted the LCP Nana's Serendipity ZB already and a slice of Butterfly Lane Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies/TM/ZB already!! lol

Melting Diary:

Butterfly Lane Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies/TM/ZB- YUM! So good!!
BeauxSavonsFrais Pink Noel- Yumm!!
Long Cane Primitives Nana's Serendipity Zucchini Bread- This one is good!! It's got a heavier note than I'm used to with Zucchini Breads!! Like almost a funnel cake type presence to this one!  It was pretty good!!


  1. Looking forward to trying Pink Noel from HHS eventually! Looks like it's a great blend! :)

    1. It's very very nice!! Of course, I'm a Pink Sugar fanatic!! Anyone who loves Pink Sugar would love Pink Noel! <3