Monday, June 10, 2013

Midway Segment

June 20th 2013 is the first year anniversary of this blog!! I am so excited! On that day, I will post how many views I have had year-to-date and I couldn't do it without all of you!

When I first started this blog, this took the place of spreadsheets and lists, because God knows, I can't keep up with anything like that, not willingly anyway.  So I designed my blog, to help me keep track of scents/vendors/orders so I could remember if I like them or not!  If they were reorderable or not, even though sometimes I may not be the best record keeper of REMEMBERING/keeping track of my notes!  I may have posted this blog on a few FB pages and groups, only because I'm proud of my blog (Be it smaller than many that I am a fan of!) I now have 18 followers (that's alot for me!) I love when I'm online talking in groups and pages, and someone says, "Hey, aren't you that Ashley from Scentsmakemyday?"  I get all giddy and excited... like I'm famous!

So I wanted to say a early thank you to everyone who likes to read the blog!!  I love all of the comments/ +1's (by the way, whoever does the +1 on all of the posts since January maybe, thank you!! :D ) that you all leave!!

HHS Lemonberry Cake- I actually like this one!!  Hubby doesn't like it though.  Maybe because I had it melting with ZB, I dunno.  It's nice airy fruitiness to it!! Strong scent!! Very good!!
HHS Lemonberry Cake!  Love the Angels! 
HHS Granma's VBN Zucchini- I had to reorder this one in a cup because I had accidentally ordered the six pack last time in palm instead of paraffin.  I couldn't even bring myself to melt it based on cold sniff.  I just couldn't do it.  So I wanted to make extra sure I liked it in paraffin!  It's fantastic!! Order! Order! Order!
HHS Granma's Cake Batter Zucchini- Another one that I would reorder in a heartbeat! Yummy!! I have a feeling that my next HHS order is going to be alot of Granma blends!
HHS Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread- I have this with Pink Sugar and it's one of my favorites! So obviously, VSCDB is amazing!!!
K's Kreations Candied Raspberry Bliss- This one was a nice raspberry blend!  It was nice, strong, fragrant, and I ordered it in a single scallop!  I think I am finding that I am not a raspberry fan!  So it wasn't on my reorder list, just because it's raspberry!  But those who like raspberry, I'd highly recommend it!!
K's Kreations Sea Island Strawberries- This one I was really excited about trying! I love grapefruit blends, but I love the idea of strawberries to mellow out the grapefruit some!! It did not disappoint! I am INLOVE with this scent!! It's soo great!! It combines itself to a fruity mix! Not too sour, not too sweet!! It's fantastic!!  Make sure to get this in the brittle first!
Shayz Scentz Pink Dreams- This is one of my favorites anyways!! Pretty, strong, and nice to smell!! Nothing lavendery or anything, but very nice!
HHS Granma's Serendipity Strawberry Dream Cake- This was a custom-blend of mine, and I love it!! It's amazing!! I was trying to duplicate Sugar and Spice's Strawberry Serendipity Ice Cream Cake ZB.  This blend is sooo great!! It's amazing!! Another great blend!!
HHS Pink Chiffon- Holy crap, I've never encountered a dupe that is so STRONG!  I had this melting in my bedroom with the door closed.  I was in the living room and this scent was blasting through the door!! This is the first dupe I've really had luck with.  Even though I love the Dolce and Gabbana dupe of Light Blue, it is light.  This one is STTTRROOONNNGGG!! If anyone has any hesitations on it, I'd go ahead and recommend the six pack!

My BeauxSavonsFrais package is taking a little longer than expected, which is OK! :) :) Totally worth the wait!! I should have pictures, at the latest, by Thursday!  It should be going out today!! I also have my RG destash coming from Rosalie Freeman and the lottery destashes.  I also have my swap with Tori Strother being sent out today!! I totally can't wait!! All this wax SHOULD be here this week!  It's my first time having a package sent from out of the country, so not too sure how it works!  But can't wait!


  1. Lemonberry cake sounds really good! The Sea Island Strawberries blend sounds good, too! Love what you've been melting.

    Can't wait to try BSF when they reopen...I am so excited!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! Yep BSF is awesome! Any scents in mind when you order? Keep in mind, if you liked Lil Kitchen Candles, she is going to have those scents too!

      I'm getting a big bag of brittle of Sea Island Strawberries. I had my doubts.. some vendors' grapefruits smell totally different than other's... so I got a single. Hello K's Kreations order for me when summer's over! :D

    2. What are your favorite K's Kreations scents??? I am placing an order today...I'VE DONE DECIDED, LOL! I already have brittle in sea island strawberries and candied serendipity bliss! Any suggestions? :D

    3. Heyyy!! Do you like Pink scents? Her Wild Pink Cookie Bread is really good!! I've got a wish list this long <--------------------------------------> I'm going to make a separate post about it,my lengthy lengthy list. Lol!
      If you like Pistachio scents, Pistachio Pudding Cake is YUM! :D I've also heard that Sugared Cinnamon Noel is really good!

      Can't wait to see what you have ordered!!

  2. Ashley! Congrats on your upcoming year anniversary! I personally LOVE your blog and am glad you're getting deserved recognition. Can't wait for the year ahead!

    1. Hey 'Obsessed'!! Thank you! Thank you! I'm totally excited! :D