Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reviews and the News

Good morning everyone!!

I am enjoying a fantastic day off with my husband.  Got some homemade crab dip and Doritos beside me, a Smirnoff Screwdriver on the other side... and of course, my warmers are going STRONG!  :D  By request of a fellow Georgian, I am going to do some reviews of my latest HHS purchase and some other things that I have melted!!

K's Kreations Baked Wildberry Bread- I haven't been too impressed by too many wildberry/wildberry mousse scents, but this one is actually quite nice!! I got a single scallop of it, next time I am going to try it in sniffin' sticks or something like the sticks.  I tried the sticks in Island Bliss and I think it's a better way to really get the gist of scents!!
Sugar and Spice Marshmallow Noel- This one smells good, definitely brittle worthy to those who like to mix their own scents and make their own blends!! This is a great blender!!
Sugar and Spice Peach Strawberry Ice Cream Cake- I don't do peach, unless it's Peach Bellini, but the peach adds a tiny twinge of fruity sweetness.  This is also a great by-itself-scent in brittle!! Seriously, wow!
BeauxSavonsFrais Serendipity- The last little bitty single tart I have from BSF! It's so good, her Serendipity is fabulous!! Strong and sweet!
BeauxSavonsFrais Vanilla Bean Noel- I got the VBN and Pink Sugar (layered, not mixed) in a Whiff Whip (Scoopable) and I used that.  I've never EVER encountered a VBN so strong!!  Cold sniff, it smells a little funny, but once you put it in your warmer, it smells like BAKERY GOODNESS!!!!  Ten times better than Bath and Body Work's VBN in my opinion (Partly because the candle has little throw) but it just smells like you are baking something GOOOOOODDD!!
Front Porch Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough Bread- This is my one exception to my lack of love towards lemon scents.  It's great! I hope to order it in bulk sometime!
K's Kreations Island Bliss- This one smells really good!! Nice and strong!! I Definitely recommend the Sniffin' Sticks!! Fantastic!! Blingin' Rainbow Brittle worthy!!
Bella's Pink Serendipity Noel- This, of course, I have a pound bag of bark, that is winding down, from the last bark sale.  I melted it with the BSF VBN, and I think it was a little over powered, but still a wonderful scent!!

The next few are scents I got from my NEW Haleys Heavenly Scents order!!

Pink Noel Cake Batter Ice Cream- Melting like a champ!  It smells soo good!! And not too sweet, like I was afraid it would be!  It's a great, a little bit sweeter than regular Pink Sugar or Pink Noel, but very very good!! Six Pack Worthy!
Granma's Pink Zucchini- Yes!  This is GOOD!  Strong, sweet with a tad of bread!  Six Pack Worthy again!
Granma's Monster Jam- I got this one as part of the sampler I won on Haley's Heavenly Scents FB Group page, and while I am glad I got to try it out, it won't be part of my reorder list.  It is pretty heavy on the Monster Jam and it really isn't all that strong.  I get alot of blueberry from it.  I think there are alot of people who do like it but agree it's not too strong.  This wouldn't be a reorder for me.
Granma's Pink Monkey Farts- This one is a custom blend of mine of Granma's ZB, Monkey Farts, and Pink Sugar.  I usually don't blend this blend with PS but I always think Pink Sugar can add a certain element to any scent! I was hoping I didn't ruin a good thing!  Thank goodness, I didn't!! But it is definitely a great stand-alone scent without Pink Sugar! Of course, this one gets my thumbs-up approval! I try to get this in a blend everytime I order from HHS! This is the only banana blend that I've found that tones down the super sweetness of the banana, which deters me from most banana scents!

That is all the reviews for now, but I have some EXCELLENT NEWS!! My BeauxSavonsFrais order is going to be here Friday or Saturday!!! It will be in my hands and I will be smelling everything!! Tons of pictures will ensue!! OMG, I can't wait!! It's going to be fantastic!!

I reread my reviews and I realize alot of mine are positive, seemingly non picky reviews.  I think I've narrowed down the scents that I like and the vendors I like and do well for me!!  However, there are more and more vendors popping up and some that I've put on the back burner that I like to revisit sometimes to think about ordering!! Here is my list of vendors that I'm thinking about ordering/trying out when summer comes to a close!

Pics Petals and Scents
Long Cane Primitives
Butterfly Lane
Bella's (Bark Sale!)

OMG I can't believe I forgot K's Kreations!! She is a REORDERABLE VENDOR!! Plus every bag of Blingin' Rainbow Brittle sold, $1 goes towards an anti-bullying charity! Now THAT's a cause that I can relate to!  (Not saying I wouldn't order towards other charities, just that, anti-bullying and a few other's strikes closer to home because of personal experiences)

And of course, my repeated favorites: HHS, BSF, Shayz, and JLCCW!

I would like to try to order from Sugar and Spice if I can!  Her RTS goes SUPER fast!

Thanks everyone!! Stay tuned Friday or Saturday for a BSF haul post!


  1. Hey Ashley! This is such a great set of reviews. It was cool seeing your thumbs up for FP's Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough Bread -- that was the very first tart from my "indie" vendors that I tried and officially had me hooked!

    Your day off sounds amazing! We all need more days like this!

    1. Hey! Yes I've grown to be burnt out on Lemon Vanilla/Lemon Bakery scents, but this one remains to be a true and tried favorite!! What other vendors have you tried??
      And yes, I believe days off like this soothes the soul! :D My husband and I live for days like this! <3 The only thing that would make it better is if it were raining outside!

    2. I've tried most of the popular vendors but still looking forward to purchasing from Rosegirls and Sniff My Tarts.

      Oh you have rain! I'm so jealous and totally agree with you, I love rain on days off but here in San Diego we barely get any rain days.

    3. Oh man, Rosegirl's. They are on my inevitable list of vendors to try!! I won a RG destash and I soooo can't wait!! Sniff My Tarts, once they go RTS, seems like it will be impossible to get anything for a little while, so I'm waiting it out!

      Oh man, we have rain sometimes!! We've been getting the leftover rain from the Oklahoma tornadoes, so we've been kinda lucky so far!! But most of the time, lots of sun. I'm a rain kinda girl :D