Monday, March 18, 2013

BeauxSavonsFrais Has Arrived!

I had gotten my tracking number on Tuesday.  What everyone can count on the post office is, is losing their package.  I was calling my local post office, and the first post office where it got shipped to after it left the vendor's hands... and they kept telling me that, "Oh, it just hasn't been scanned yet".  Well it hadn't moved for three days.  I was afraid it was LOST!!!!  It makes me so nervous.  Being in a bunch of wax groups, you hear all sorts of post office stories where they lost your package or toss it around so bad that most everything is MISSING out of your package.  But luckily... the post office came through, it started updating again on Saturday... and came TODAY!!!
4oz Whipped Body Parfait in Wildberry Mousse, 2oz Whipped Body Parfait in Grapefruit, sample size bubble bath bar in Trichomania Lush dupe, 2 Pink Sugar bath bombs, 1 Pineapple Mango bath bomb, and 1 Pink Chiffon bath bomb, and one Watermelon Jolly Rancher soap!

Now for the WAX! Got singles in: Sweet Lolli, Pink Sands Yankee Dupe, Sweet Corn Muffins, Strawberry Shake, and Exotic Coconut! Got a two pack in Cotton Candy and Vanilla Lime and a 4pack in Sweet Loli Bread.

6pack Gingerbread Men in Pink Grapefruit, 4Bundt Cake in Pink Bread and Serendipity, 4pack Donuts in Pink Mint Chip Ice Cream!!

Omg!! Everything smells AMAZING!! Everything LOOKS amazing!! I am about to try one of my Pink Sugar Bath Bombs!!

I seriously got more than I thought!! If any of you are thinking about getting some stuff from BSF, now's the time!! She should be posting some more RTS soon!! Ahhhh!!! <3
Believe me, this is only my RTS order!! I should be getting my custom order soon!!! Here's what I have gotten in my custom order!!
Grubby Muffins:
Pink Grapefruit Pound Cake
Pink Zucchini Bread
Pink Strawberry White Cake
PS Strawberry Serendipity Bread
Pink Orange Creamsickle
Blueberry Zucchini Bread

16oz wax loaf:
Pink Grapefruit
Pink Watermelon Taffy
Pink Toasted Marshmallow 

frosted sugar cookie:
-Pink Sugar/Blueberry Blast/Orange Creamsickle
-Pink Sugar/Blueberry Blast/Lavender Vanilla
-Pink Sugar/Orange Creamsickle/Lavender Vanilla

2pk Rice Krispie
-Mrs. Claus + Toasted Marshmallow 
-Pink Sugar/Lavender/Toasted Marshmallow/SCDB -Toasty wild berry mallow mousse
-Blueberry Noel/Toasted Marshmallow/Pink Sugar

9Pack Mini Ice Cream Scoops: Pink Zucchini Bread

Fruit Loops cereal Bowl:
-Pink Sugar
Dentures Wax:
-Pink Chiffon
-Pink Sands
-Bunny Foo-Foo

This is going to be so so so so so so so exciting!  I am also expecting one more Haley's Heavenly Scents order with her NEWW  scents!! :D And I just got my click and ship for Tara's Candle Cottage for her free shipping sale.  I just got a few things, because it is my first time ordering from TCC!  :) I've heard good things... so yay!!

Also should be getting a Round Robin from JLCCW next week sometime!! Can't wait to get it, I've been watching videos/seeing pictures of stuff people have been putting into it... and it's looking worth the shipping!!  Can't wait!!

Any wax news anyone?  Would love to see/hear!


  1. BSF's wax is so freakin' pretty! I can't wait til they open back up so I can get my hands on some :) Oh and I wanna try her bath bombs...I love baths almost as much as I love wax :) Can't wait to hear your opinion on these!
    Oh, and I've been does one get in on a RR? I'm fairly new but I really want to do one! Thanks for your insight! x

  2. Hi Kaitlyn!!

    Her bath-bombs are the first that I've ever tried!! I have tried one from her in Pineapple Mango Bath and Body Works dupe. It was amazing!! Very fizzy and nice, which is why I ordered four more. Very worth it!! If you love bath stuff, try her whipped body parfaits and sugar scrubs!! I am an avid Bath and Body Works fan, and I stay away from their scrubs because they are WAY too gritty and rough. But BSF's is nice and soft!!

    Are you on facebook? There are a bunch of wax groups (I'm sorry if this is "duh" information) and vendor facebook groups that offer a Round Robin from time to time. I was just lucky to get in on one. Usually they take a specific number of people (usually whomever comments on a post in the group)

    If you would like, friend me on facebook (just let me know who you are when you do!) and I'll be happy to add you to some groups and some particular vendor-specific groups as well!!

    Welcome to the wax world Kaitlyn!! Hold on to your wallet, cuz it goes fast!! :D