Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Orders!!

More of my tax money-spending spree came!!! :) :) I got Haley's Heavenly Scents and Bella Bark!  Here are some pictures!!

I got six packs in: 2 Pink Sugar, 2 Pink Pineapple Orchid, 1 Pink Noel, 1 Pink Serendipity, 1 Granma's Monkey Farts, 1 Pink Sugared Strawberries, and 1 Pink Sugared Strawberry White Cake.

Got cups in Lemon Creme Cooler, Whipped Amish Bread, Jelly Beans, Pink Hawaiian Punch, and my freebie was Flip Flops.  Everything smells soooo wonderful!! It's going to be hard to let them cure!!

I also got two warmers!! Been trying to switch out my bulb warmers to hot plate warmers!! Got the "Bird" one and the "Black Crackle" one!! Love them both!! YAY!

Here's my Bella's Bark Sale (First time ever ordering from Bella's).  I have only tried Cotton Candy Sweet Bread in a destash and loved it!!!

I blended!! Because I've been loving to do that lately!! Sweet Serendipity (Serendipity + Pink Sugar)/More Pink Sugar/VBN!  It smells soooo good cold!! I'm going to let this bag cure for a while!! Make sure it's nice and strong!! 

The great part is, about Bella's, is that shipping is included in the price.  I got this bag, a pound of bark, for $10.99 shipped!! That's UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!  Shipping was $7.48 so that's how good of a deal you are getting.  She is closing temporarily, I believe April 1st, so everyone get their orders in now!!! 

I am getting my BSF and my Sugar and Spice Orders tomorrow!! So I will be posting more pictures and have a new blog entry tomorrow!!!  

Anyone have any blends from Bella's that are good?? Nothing caramelly/toffee, apple/banana/grape/zucchini bread/etc etc.  I love Pink Sugar/ Serendipity/VBN/Toasted Marshmallow/tangerine/bakery lavender.  

If you guys have blogs, please post links below in the comments!! I know about a few (Shoutout to Loloscents!!) (sorry if I spelled that wrong) 

Stay tuned tomorrow!! More pictures and scents galore!! How am I going to put all this up?? I don't know.. lol!! Will have to take pictures of my wax shelf!! haha!

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