Saturday, March 23, 2013

JLCCW Round Robin

As the title suggests, I got my Jamie Lauren Round Robin Box in the mail today!!!

Around February, Avalon, daughter of Jamie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax, started a Round Robin box with her own stash of JLCCW!! It went around to a few people before it went to myself!  People have been posting pictures and videos of what they were getting out of it, and putting back into it!  So I kind've knew what to look out for!!

We each got to take out 6 JLCCW items to be fair to everyone else!! :)  So here's the pictures!!

This is what I got out of the Round Robin box!! I really REALLY lucked out!! YAY!! <3

I got a 4pack of Front Porch Warm Vanilla and Sweet Sugar, a single of Front Porch Pink Noel, a 4pack of bunnies from Lil Kitchen Candles in Strawberry Shake and a single scallop of Strawberry Marshmallow Bread, a scent shot of Peppermint Marshmallow Snow from Lasting Scent Candles, a scallop of Orange Chiffon Cake from Long Cane Primitives, Rainbow Sherbert from Cupcake Candles, Rainbow Sherbert from CFTKR, Serendipity Splash from Tiffany Candles, and a chunk of Rosegirl's Cranberry Marmalade Zucchini Bread.  

From JLCCW, I got 2 cupcakes in Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha, a cupcake in Nana's Kitchen, a scallop in Vanilla Frosted Grahams, 1 scallop of Cinnamon Buns, and a scallop in Cinnamon Crunch Cake!!!

As part of a Round Robin, you have to put back in wax, as much as you took out or more!  I put back in SMT Mallow Zucchini and Blackberry Marshmallow Latte, Closet Full of Wax Lemon Squares, Cotton Candy, Berry Apple Cinnamon, and Blackberry Jam, K's Kreations Luck of the Irish, CTKR Pumpkin Pie Filling, Aunt Nena's Moonlight Pomegranate, Distinctly Pink Elf Dust, Can-Do Vanilla Woods, Orchid Lake Wildberry Smoothie, Crabby/Dutch Banana Cream Pie, Pink Zucchini, Zucchini Claws, Shayz Caramelized Lemons, Southern Iced Tea, BeauxSavonsFrais Starbucks Butter Brickle Coffee, and 2 Yankee Canary Island Banana.

It was wonderful to be part of this Round Robin!! Usually I am hesitant to be part of Round Robins because people like to dump their used/old/crap wax in Round Robins, and that just turns me off of them.  But I had a feeling with the people involved, and having so little people doing the particular box, that it was going to go well!! :) And it did!! Now all I have to do is send it off to Avalon on Monday!  

I also got my Tara's Candle Cottage order!! It was small, but I was on a ban and it was all I could justify!! lol! I was lucky to get in on a free shipping on any order!! lol 

I got a 3pack of "Pink-A-Rific", a single in Mango Papaya, and a single of Skittles.  I got a free cup of Pink Sugar.  :D I am waiting for these to cure!!

I keep forgetting to write down what I have been melting, so it's going to be off the top of my head!!

I've got now SMT Butt Naked and Orange Zucchini, Can-Do Yuzu, Pink Sands, and Hot Orange Danish, S&S Pink Orange Danish, BSF Strawberry Shake, Sweet Lolli Bread, and Pink Sands!  That's what I have going right now in my bedroom and my living room!! It smells sooo good!! Smelling alot of that SMT Butt Naked now!!

Had BSF Sweet Lolli, Serendipity, HHS Pink Sugar going the other day!! Can I just SAY that I LOOOVVEEEEE Sweet Lolli!! It's like a lollipop!  A tangy nice blend!! SOO good!! I changed one of my loaves in my custom order to be Pink Sweet Lolli!! Seriously, so good and strong!! So is her Serendipity!! And everyone knows how I feel about Pink Sugar!!

Before this, I had a HUGE Shayz Pink Sugar SURGE!! Pink Danish, Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Toastie Marshmallows!! And then I added a little bit of HHS Pink Sugar!  I went through a whole pack of HHS Pink Sugar in a week, folks.  That's ALOT!

In my bedroom, I had Front Porch!  Pink Lime, Lemon Marshmallow, and Mimosa and Mandarin!  Added a single of Pink Coconut Cream!! It was a wonderful medley of scents and lasted for 5 days!!

This is what I remember, but I've been leaving my dishes on 3-4 days at a time lately!! Started a new job and adjusting to a new schedule!

I would LOVE to hear what you guys have been melting!! Any new companies?? Anyone ordering from Jaimie Lauren on April 2nd?  I have my list ready to go!! Once 7AM Eastern (6AM Central) comes around, I'm submitting my order and hopefully will be one of the first to go out!  :D


  1. Great picks and put backs in the RR! I love doing RRs, they are so fun! I'm so excited to try Sweet Lolli from BSF, I ordered it when she reopened, it sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks!! I've seen alot of RR's go awry when people put bad stuff back in. It's really disheartening, because it kinda ruins it for people! But when a RR can go right, and people are honest with the wax they put in, it can be great!! I also believe the less people, like maybe 5-6 people a box, is best.

    OOOOooooo You must let me know how you like it!! It smells like a lollipop!! (Thus Sweet Lolli, lol!) Sooo good!!

  3. JLCCW list = READY TO GO! You picked some nice stuff from the RR, and yeah, they are so fun! I still have yet to try BSF, sweet lolli sounds really cute! :)

    1. Hi Lauren!! Yes!! It's so good!! I guess like a really good citrusy lollipop!

      What are you getting Lauren??? I want the deets!! :D :D