Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lazy Week-Sorry Guys :)

Phew!!! I have been so lazy!!  I have missed my Sunday post for this week, but I will definitely let you guys what has been going on :)

I got a HALEYS HEAVENLY SCENTS ORDER!!! LOL I have three more in the process, with her new scents and warmers.  I got:

Cups in Nana's Pound Cake, Lavender SCDB, Pink Fluffy Toasted Marshmallow, and Pink Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies
Got two six packs in Pink Sugar and one six pack in Whipped Cream + Wildberry Mousse VBN+ Pink Sugar!

Also got my Shayz order!! I know some people are not crazy fans of Shayz, but I LOVE her pink scents!! :) :) This is what I got!

Six Packs in Pink Serendipity, Pink Grapefruit, and Pink Danish
Cups in Caramelized Lemons, Pink Fruity Slices, Pink Watermelon Surprise, Pink Lilac and Pink Vanilla Berry Cobbler.  Got some cups for a friend in Monkey Farts, Pineapple Pappy, Watermelon, Hawaiian Bermuda Triangle, and Fruity Slices.

This week, I received my sale order from February 14th from Crabby/Dutch Candle!  Boy oh BOY I need to order more of some of these!! :) :)  Since this was my very first order from the company, I ordered all 1oz cups!

Baileys in Bed, Cookie Madness, Creamsicle, Hawaiian Rainbow Cake, Hello, Sugar!, Pink Dunes, Pink Noel, Pink Sugar, Pink Zucchini, Pink Sugared Cookies, Southern Iced Tea, White Tea & Mango, Banana Cream Pie, Skittles, Jelly Bean, Mango Papaya, and Toasted Marshmallow, and a freebie in Zucchini Claws.

It is easier to say which ones I didn't like, and those surprised me!  Southern Iced Tea (doesn't smell like I thought it would, but its OK :) I'm not a real life tea fan anyway!), both Pink Zucchini and Zucchini Claws (I am not a huge Zucchini fan and this one was REALLY not for me), Banana Cream Pie (smells like Banana Laffy Taffy and I was hoping for a little more creaminess), and Hawaiian Rainbow Cake.  Not sure why I don't like HRC, but just didn't do it for me.

The other ones, especially Bailey's in Bed and Cookie Madness, which are scents I really were debating on getting in the first place because I'm not a HUGE sweet type person... are AMAZING!!! :) :) :) I can't wait to start melting these!!!  Am letting them cure now!

I am getting a package from Sassygirl tomorrow, and have orders from Sugar and Spice, HHS, BSF, OLC in the process!! I am going to try to take pictures this week!! :) :)

What I have been melting:

Shayz Pink Strawberry Jam- Strong and yummy strawberry, reorder!
Shayz Pink Zucchini- I have said before that I really don't like zucchini.  I think Shayz, along with BSF, is one that I have to try more blends, because Pink Zucchini is WONDERFUL! :) :)
Shayz Pink Watermelon Surprise- FANTASTIC! Reorder!
Shayz Pink Grapefruit- yummy and grapefruity!! Already got another six pack (above)
Sugar & Spice Ruby Red Grapefruit- This is KNOCK YOU ON YOUR BUTT strong!! I am loving it!
Sugar & Spice Funnel Cakes and Waffle Cones- Very nice scent!! You can smell the funnel cakes AND the waffle cones!! I would definitely recommend!! Yum!
HHS Cotton Candy Funnel Cakes- Delicious! Cotton Candy + Funnel Cake?  You can't go wrong!
SMT Serendipity Coconut Cream- Omg this is AMAZING!!! I would never have thought of putting this together, but omg omg OMG! YUM! Strong and GREAT!
Can-Do Pink Coconut- This one smells yummy cold, but I couldn't smell it that strong warm.
OLC Pink Lemon Biscotti- Have it in my bathroom, yummy!!
HHS Juniper Breeze- Did not think I'd like this one, but its nice!! Not my type of scent though.
Can-Do Hello Handsome- Really STRONG cologne dupe!! Was pleasantly pleased with this one!
JLCCW Pink Serendipity Jaimie- This one is AMAZING!! Sooooooo GOOD!  I am debating on this in a loaf... it's THAT GOOD!

This is all I can remember right now!! Have been having such a good wax week melting and stuff!! Will finally have more time to melt and record!!

Have a great week you guys!! Hopefully will have more in the next week or two!!

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