Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Influenster VoxBox- The Violet Box- Part 2

Let me go ahead and post another picture refreshing your memories with what I got in this Influenster Voxbox this time around!!

In the box!

Out of the box and for all to see!

So I'm going to review a few more of these products!!

First the Goody Athletique Headband!

Me with my headband!! Hurrah!
I must admit, I have been wearing this to work versus putting my hair up.  I hate getting hair in my face.  For those who do not know, I work at Ingles Supermarket.  I am constantly having to pick up heavy 24pack cases of water bottles, dog food, things on the bottom of carts.  This really did keep the hair out of my face and isn't stretching my hair across my head that would possibly cause a bald spot!! I love it!! Have been wearing it every day for work!! I'd definitely recommend this for people who work out too (I need to do that too)

Next I tried my Montagne Jeunesse Clay Mask!

HELLO CLARISSE!! Mwahahahhaa!


Barry helped me put it on.  I used my Athletique headband too!!  I will go ahead and warn everyone who wants to try, be prepared for COLD!! It's supposed to be (since it was a Glacial mask) but really cold!
 I waited the fifteen minutes and took it off.  It was really easy to clean off (after taking off the fabric part) and my face was actually really super smooth!!
I would love to try the other kinds (I think there was a berry one too!)

Then I tried my Sally Heusen Triple Shine nail polish!

I was unsure about the color, but it dries somewhat fast, goes on well, and is really pretty!! Even with my short stubby nails.  It's fantastic! I'd definitely buy again and I'm not a big polish person!


  1. How freakin' CUTE are you! I love the headband. It's funny that you mention the bald spot --I wear my hair in a ponytail most of the time and I'm freaked out about it causing a bald spot. I'm picking up one of those headbands immediately.
    You wearing the mask is the cutest thing ever.
    What a great VoxBox you received! That's awesome, I hope you get another one soon!

    1. LOL! Thank you!! :D Yes I really like the headband!! It's really comfortable and doesn't make you feel like all your hair is being pulled tight. Before my "impromptu" "shorter than I realized" haircut, I put it in a ponytail all the time and I'm afraid too about getting a bald spot.

      LOL I thought I looked so funny!! It even has a little nose flap and everything!! And it was sooo cold!! I don't know how they did it, but it was kept super cold!! You should try it S! It was actually pretty good!

  2. Ashley... Tag, you're it! http://www.ciapinkpumpkin.com/2013/12/10/tag-youre-it-christmas-style/

    1. Thanks Cia!! I'm going to enjoy this!!! It's sounds like fun! :D

  3. LOVE the headband, adorable! You're so cute in that mask! I'm afraid to use those things for some reason, but I will try it based on your review. Interesting how it was really cold, though! Awesome VoxBox, love the nail color!

    Those K-Cups from your other post are really good! I tried them in the keurig but I think they will work normally? I'm not exactly sure though, I'd google it! SoyJoys are NOT good, LOL. They taste sort of like dirt! Let me know how you like the sample teas!

    1. Hahaha Yeah the headband is great!! I really enjoy it!!

      And yeah... the mask, there's nothing weird about it... it just makes ya look funny!! LOL Let me know if/when you try it!!

      Actually Barry tried the K Cup in our regular coffee machine!! He used less water (enough for a few cups) and it was fabulous!! We tried the Starbucks Vanilla and Yummm!! He even put some powdered sugar and regular sugar in it since we didn't have any milk at the time!!

      Yeah SoyJoys... ehhh... I wouldn't buy them again... maybe to try another flavor sure... but.. lol yeah it wasn't your average cookie bar

      I really liked the Twinings French Vanilla Chai Tea!! That was good!! Twinings Honey Vanilla Chamomile was not great... I guess I just don't like too much honey. I try to put some in it to sweeten it some... lol And I guess the combo of Honey already in the tea and me putting in more just didn't sit well with me. I got some Seattle's Best Coffee too! :D Woohoo!