Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tag! You're It! (Christmas Style)

For those of you Bath and Body Works fantatics, you all know Cia Arielle Malone, owner of Cia's Pink Pumpkin and See It, Love It, Buy It blogs!!  All the latest with everything Bath and Body Works, wedding (A bride-to-be), and awesome!

So she tagged me in this very cool Christmas tag!! And I'm going to tag my favorite bloggers to do this very same tag!! So be prepared!! lol

1) What do you love most about Christmas Time?
         A) This is going to sound funny, but I love all the crazy Christmas themed food products they come out with during the holidays.  I am still searching for Pecan Pie Pringles and Lays Hershey Chips.  Those are ones that stuck out to me and I think they'd be fun!! I still have yet to try many, but I get a few each year!! The Peppermint frosting by Pillsbury looks delicious, Candy Cane Chex Mix, and of course, you cannot forget all of the Starbucks Holiday Creation Drinks that they have each year around this time!

2) Do you celebrate the holiday in style or is it "bah humbug" for you?
         A) To be honest, I would like to decorate more than I do.  I live in a small apartment and decorate very sparsely.  I feel like once I move into a house, that I would decorate more since I would have more space to put everything.  For now, I decorate with my tree, my stockings, and the few Christmas warmers I have!

3) Are you leaving out anything for Santa Claus this year so he remembers to leave you presents?
         A) Hahaha no, he'll have to fight me for the cookies.  But in all realness, I had done some research on Santa Claus a few years ago and had found out that originally in a poor part of, I want to say Switzerland or Poland, that a man went around in red and left the children of the village fruit and small toys in socks.  That way they'd have something to look forward to and open on Christmas morning.  And that was how the Santa Claus legend began.  Of course, it got bigger and bigger as the years went on, but that's how I like to remember Santa Claus.  And that I believe in the magic of Christmas.  So no, Santa Claus is not getting my cookies.

4) What is the one gift that you are looking forward to GIVING?  (It can be your kids, another family member, etc, just remember to be discrete if they are reading this blog)

         A) I am looking forward to giving Barry the rest of his Japan items!! He's the only one I buy presents for, so I'm letting him pick out the rest of what he gets for Christmas!

5) What is your all-time favorite Christmas movie?

         A) My all-time favorite Christmas movie.... that is a hard question.  I would have to say the first Home Alone or Miracle on 34th Street.  How can you beat a beautiful house full of Christmas decorations swelling with Christmas music with the promise of being together for Christmas?  Or believing in Santa Claus, and really believing what Santa Claus stands for: the magic of Christmas.  Both beautifully-done movies!!

6) What is your all-time favorite Christmas song?

         A) My all-time favorite Christmas song is, hands-down, Merry Christmas Darling.  Karen Carpenter has the most beautiful voice ever!  Plus this is not one of your average, over-heard Christmas songs.  And it's a classic!!  Some others I enjoy (no laughing, these are a bit more modern) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays by N'Sync and The Gift by 98 Degrees.  *sigh* #dreamsofaboybandfan

7) If given the opportunity to participate in an Ugly Sweater Party, which sweater would you choose?  Peruse one on the internet or even pick one out from your closet and show us!

         A) Lol I won't lie, if I went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, I'd have to get the most atrocious looking sweater I could get my hands on.  Something like this --> Ugly Sweater

8) Have you started any Christmas traditions this year that you plan on carrying forward?

         A) Ehh... not this year.  Well sort of.  This year is the first year that both Barry and I are off for Christmas Day!! So I hope that THAT tradition will carry on! And wearing red or plaid pajamas on Christmas Eve!

9) It's Christmas Morning... What does it look like outside?

         A) One year, the first year we were in our apartment, it actually snowed Christmas Day!!  That's a first for Georgia and probably a last.  It usually looks snowless and most of the time, no one is outside!!

10) You just found yourself standing under some mistletoe.... who comes up to give you a kiss?

         A) Well... there is that cute guy down the hall.....

                               No no no no no just kidding!! Haha!  My lips are for my one and only! <3

Now I am going to tag my favorite ten bloggers (I hope there is ten!) and if I tag you, then I dare you to do this tag!!

Cia Malone @ Cia's Pink Pumpkin

Sunnee @ Fragrance Obsessed

Deb E. @ It's Always Something

Lauren @ LoLo Loves Scents

LOL OK I won't lie, I think that's all the blogs I follow.  If you have a blog and I have not mentioned you, please post below with your blog's link so I CAN follow and you all can be included in this Christmas tag!! I can't wait to see these answers!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Fun! I will be doing this soon! Thanks for tagging me. =)


    1. No problem!! :D Can't wait to see your answers! :D

  2. "Merry Christmas Darling" is AN AMAZING SONG! I didn't know anyone else loved it, yay! We just watched "Miracle on 24th Street" again and wow, it's so good. "Home Alone" is spectacular, too. Great answers, loved them!

    I know I am so late, but I am doing this on my blog now! Thanks for tagging me!!! :)

    1. Yay!! Can't wait to see it!!

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Carpenters!! I have memories of my mom turning it up really really loud on our 8CD Disc Changer... (She loved to do that in the house and in the car, so loud it was rattling windows, to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston) and dancing with us all around the livingroom!! It was a magical song for me!

      Yeah!! Miracle on 34th Street made me really believe in believing again.. it's such a great movie! And yes Home Alone, bwahahahaha!! Macaulay Culkin does SUCH a great job acting!! The 3rd and 4th I just about refuse to watch again. I watched them once when I was younger, and realized... pfftt.. that kid had nothing on Macaulay!!