Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Christmas

The night before Christmas, nothing was stirring
not even a mouse
For the wax addicts had set out their bowls
for the whole house

Had already went to sleep, in hopes of more 
wax and smellies

On the day of Christmas, to smell while they
fill their bellies
And give presents to all that they cherish
and love
To gather their family and friends to gaze
at Santa's sleigh above
But a week before Christmas, everything
was buzzing
Grabbing everyone's gifts, and making sure
they aren't late in the running
But once they get home and smell their
strong, wonderful wax
Their mind can be set at ease and finally
So Happy Holidays to all my friends
who have enjoyed this wonderful hobby with me
I'm so glad to have met you all,
full of glee! 

Now that my Christmas poem is done, I just want to go ahead and say that I am the utmost honored to have met all of you!! I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!!  I'm getting alot of my Christmas presents for Barry at the last minute so it will come together probably Christmas Eve!!

So anyone plotting orders for after Christmas, into the New Year?

I'm working on orders for:

K's Kreations
Haley's Heavenly Scents
Ethereal Glow
Sugar & Spice
Vintage Chic Scents
The Bathing Garden (when she restocks)

I have been writing articles on a site called "" that actually pays you for writing articles on different topics.  This is where alot of my wax money is going to come from, and I'm going to be working it to make more and better orders!! I am so excited about it!! Feel free to check it out!

I'm also trying to melt my pumpkins, apples, peppermints, heavy bakery scents before I get tired of them and retire them to the closet so I have more space on my bookshelf.  Luckily, it's only a small bin, so I should get through them soon!! 

And Lauren, I got your Christmas card today and it made my day!!  Thank you!! 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!  


  1. Cute poem! =)

    I was looking forward to placing some orders early in the new year but I think Christmas might make me hold off on that because I've been getting waxy goodies already. When I do start ordering again, I'm thinking of just sticking to a few vendors I already know I like.

    I'll have to check out that textbroker site. Interesting!

    Merry Christmas, Ashley (& Barry)! If I would have had your address I totally would have sent you a card. I *LOVE* good old fashioned snail mail Christmas cards!!!!!


    1. lol Thank you!! I always like the cute Christmas narratives and poems that come about, especially tailored to us wax addicts!! Ha!

      I Hear ya about sticking to vendors you like!! I'm kinda dabbling in some new ones, only after I see that they're not going to take my money and run, or freak out over something small.

      And Merry Christmas, Deb, to you and your family!! I love the snail mail Christmas cards too!! I remember my parents getting them from family and friends, and putting them on the mantle. By Christmas, the mantle was flooded by Hallmark!! lol

  2. Hope your Christmas was fab!! Great way to make some wax money! I hope it goes well. I am plotting rosegirls and a small vintage chic order. That be it!

    1. My Christmas was fabulous, and I hope your's was too!!! And yes, it helps!! Alot! I can't wait to see what you order from RG and VCS! :D I know Kirby will make some awesome wax!!