Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Playing Catch-Up: Non-Wax Style!

OK so you've seen the wax and it's glory.

But what about the non-waxy glory?? It should see the light too!! Lol

OK So I have something really cool to show you guys and this is way too cool to keep to myself!

Those of you who know Sunnee at Fragrance Obsessed know that she went to Japan about a month or so ago.  My husband loves his anime, which originated from Japan.  So I thought what better Christmas present than to get him something from his favorite anime "Bleach" from where it originated/was born!

So I asked Sunnee if she could look for a Bleach-related item and boy did she succeed!! Barry is SO excited (He knows he got something from Japan, but doesn't know quite what, yet.  Waiting for Christmas.)

This is a poster of Ichigo (the main character).
The poster looks exactly like it is on the box!
This is a notebook size felt patch with Ichigo and Rukia
(kind of, sort of love interest) in their Soul-Reaper

Here is this mini poster!  Ichigo in a different
Soul Reaper outfit!! Barry loves the more intense
fighting-looking ones.  He'll love this! 
Here is the back of the mini poster!! Rukia! 

This is the beginning of the Bleach NoteBook with
Ichigo and his Zanpakuto (Sword)

I took pictures of the pages, because they are so neat!  Barry
loves to draw, and this would help him out immensely drawing
the different characters!
Throughout the book, it becomes a grid, and then clear pages,
like the ones shown above!  I think it eventually becomes
purposed for drawing, which is so cool!
The grid pages.  
Here's a picture of the inside of the back cover.
It's all of the Soul-Reaper captains!! With the head Captain
in front!  Barry's going to flip when he sees these!
And then the back cover, where Ichigo is a high school
student, with his backpack and Kon! 
I'm a little embarrassed to say, that Barry never saw these,
I ate them before he got a chance.  These are so good!
I'm thankful I can get these anywhere!! Phew! <3
And she shouldn't have, but she got me some stuff too!
I thought these were just too cute!! A Notebook and a letter set!
I think they are just adorable!! I don't know if I have the heart
to use them!

Slatkin Leaves 4oz and Bath and Body Works Holly Citrus
Wreath hand soap! 

LSC Strawberry Mallow Bread, Beezy Starburst, Beezy Pumpkin
Crunch Cake, Beezy Pink Toasty Marshmallow, and Beezy Pink Sugar
Cookies!  AND CANDY! These are my first ever Beezy's and Daphne's BTW! 
S&S Ghost Munch, Crabby Pink Sugar, and Candles By Victoria
Strawberry White Cake
BH&G Frosted Sage Leaf and Daphne's Divine Pink Serendipity
Boo Berry!
Thank you so much Sunnee!!! I loved everything and appreciate it sooooo much!!

And I know it sounds bad.... but.... I let Barry open his poster early.... :D He loved it and put it up right away...

Barry's really happy! Me too!! Thank you!! 

We decided to do the same face as Ichigo.  Hahahaha We can't
pull off the same intense face as Ichigo!! lol 

So, I did a little Black Friday shopping, all BEFORE Black Friday, so when it came to actual Black Friday, I was broke.  Good thing, because I didn't want anything out anyway!  So I ordered the L3 chunks in my last post and Kimrie Anne's B1G1 16oz "Mini" Loaf sale!  Here's what I got during her loaf sale!!

Loaf 1:Pink Sugar/Lavender Vanilla/Vanilla Butter Fudge
Loaf 2:Serendipity/Coconut Cream Pie
Loaf 3:Sugar Cookie Dough/Buttery Brown Sugar
Loaf 4:Pink Sugar/Wildberry Mousse/Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone

These I will not see (whimper, whimper) until Christmas.  SO I must be strong! 

However, on Black Friday, I did manage to go to Wal-Mart (I know, most dreaded place of all) during the day, and while the $1.96 movies were pretty picked over, I got Die Hard 3, which was missing out of our Die Hard Collection!

And since I am an avid soda drinker (Diet Coke is my choice of poison, Barry loves his Dr. Pepper) and so when the 2liters were 75cents.... I couldn't resist :D

In my defense, this should last us for two weeks.  Yes we are caffeine addicted as much as we are scent addicted.  It happens!! Haha!  

I also wanted to share this tea light warmer that I found, that I use for Christmas time!! I have had it for a long time and have always enjoyed it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a SAFE Black Friday!! Can't believe people are killing each other for XBOX's and such!! 

Has anyone put up their trees?? I would love to see some decorated trees!!  Here's mine!!!


  1. It makes me so happy to hear that Barry likes the Bleach gifts! I love the pictures of you guys in them with the poster! It really was so much fun looking for stores that carried Bleach when we were in Japan!
    I want to eat your entire loaf order --everything sounds so good!
    Your tree is so pretty, I love the picture and how the lights flare from the bulbs! And that tea light holder --I want one bad!
    Love this post A! Have a great week!

    1. Yes Barry loves them!! I have enough willpower to keep the rest of them wrapped until Christmas though!! :D I felt so silly doing the pictures, but I feel somewhat comfortable sharing pictures with you guys that are silly!! :D

      Lol I know!!! I'm soooo ready to get my loaves ... I have been searching for the epitome of a great lavender blend. Usually with Pink Sugar, the non-herbal lavender, and some sort of marshmallow, sugar cookie, vanilla scent etc! And I'm so excited about the others too!! Gah!! :D I love the fact that they are a whole pound each!
      I know your tree has gotta be fantastic!! I can't wait to see your's!! I am a sucker for a traditional tree with green branches, and white lights. I refuse to put on colored ones because the white ones remind me of having snow on the branches!! <3
      Lol I had that tea light holder for a long long time, before I even got into candles and tarts and all!! I am pretty sure I got it at thrift store or something for little to nothing!! I found a Good Will somewhat close by, and I am so going!! I hear so many people finding great things (tea light warmers and such) there, plus I need a good dress!! I'd go there, if you wanted to go treasure-hunting!

      Have a great week S!

  2. Whoa, cool about Bleach. My sons have been long-time Bleach freaks. And so generous of Sunnee, as always, to send all the goodies.

    We're Mt. Dew addicts in this house so you'll get no judgement from here on your 75cents soda haul. LOL

    We do have our tree up but the cats keep destroying it. I need to try and get a pic in between their attacks.


    1. No way!! :D That is so cool!! Are they disappointed about the series ending and all?? It was Barry's favorite, and he's sad. He's been trying to research some new animes to get into. What other animes are your sons into? And yes Sunnee is the best!!

      Haha I just think 75cents for a 2liter of the good stuff is awesome!! Hahaha so excited... although I've probably drank half my stash already!!

      Yeah!! Get a picture!! Get a picture! I'd love to see!! :D

    2. My older son is at work so I can't ask him, but my younger son says he was a bit upset that it ended. He says he's heard it might be back though. As for others they're into, he rattled off a whole list. Just a few he mentioned are Gintama, Shingeki no Kyojin, Hunter x Hunter (2011). I know they both like(d) One Piece, and my older son likes Fullmetal Alchemist.

      Almost took the tree down today, Minion has been SO bad with it. >:|


    3. I hope it comes back!! It's fantastic!! I will definitely give those to Barry to see if he's heard of any, I know we love One Piece (Luffy is hilarious!) and Barry has seen Fullmetal Alchemist! How cool!

      I've heard cats love to play with the tree! Especially this year for sure... :) lol maybe put some cat nip kinda near the tree, but away from the ornaments and presents

  3. That is so lovely that Sunnee helped you with all those Bleach-related items. I used to be a big Bleach fan and now I just have time to watch the Big Bang Theory. Hehe

  4. Yes, Sunnee is the best!!! I love TBBT!! Sheldon is something else!! haha!

  5. Awesome goodies! How cool that Barry got some goods straight from Japan! Sunnee is so awesome! I can only imagine that would be like Potter goods straight from the UK for me :-D lol! Your tree is so festive in silver. Christmas is getting so close! Whoohoo!

    1. I'm sorry Julie, that I'm late replying back! And exactly!! Hey if anyone goes to the UK, someone's SO bringing you back some Harry Potter stuff!! Most definitely!!

      Yes... I love my tree!! <3 I know it's not a real tree and all, but it's my tree!! And it's easy to take down and put up. We decorate the same every year... but I just think there's no other way... One day, I hope to get one of those monster artificial trees (I can always melt pine, spruce, balsam for that "real tree" effect lol ) that take up half the room! That'd be so coool!! :D

      Are you ready for Christmas!?! I can't believe it's a week away!